My Favorite Things in the Kitchen

These are some of the kitchen gadgets and ingredients that I like to use. If you purchase them through the links below then I get a small commission which helps to support my site. Please don’t feel pressured to buy anything I have listed here. They’re just some suggestions for you.

Plastic Cutting Board: doesn’t take up a lot of space on the counter
Cast Iron Skillet: perfect for cooking meat
Magic Bullet: great for smoothies and pesto
Bamboo Cutting Board: love this to cut veggies and fruit
Glass Baking Dishes: perfect for chicken or brownies
Blender: great for smoothies, pesto and hummus
Baking Sheets: for roasted vegetables and cookies
Muffin Pan: for muffins, cupcakes and frittata
Lemon Squeezer: no more seeds in your dressing
Stevia: a plant based, zero calorie sweetener, a healthy substitute for sugar