Hey, I’m Danielle.  Thanks for stopping by.


While hanging out here, I will show you how to cook healthy recipes made from whole food, and here’s the kicker, each recipe takes less than 1 hour! Everyone is busy with work, kids, a social life, spouses, family and a whole lot more.  So, these recipes are created for all of us who don’t have a lot of time to spend in the kitchen.

Also, eating healthy food can absolutely change your life. Putting good food into your body can help with weight loss, fights disease and gives you more energy.

I need all the energy I can get because I’m really active. I’m always trying new fitness activities from yoga to CrossFit to aerial hoop (lyra). I don’t like to do the same workouts all the time. In a week I’ll do a mix of yoga, weightlifting, running and pilates. Doing different exercises challenges my body, and I never get used to one thing so I feel like I’m always getting stronger and more flexible.

I love to hit the trails, climb mountains and sit by a flowing stream and soak in the sun. Being in nature clears my mind, and I have a strong connection to the natural world. It helps me connect to myself and even if I’m alone, I never feel lonely.

I took this at Slide Mountain, PA. It’s one of the best hikes I have ever been on.

If I want to keep being active then I fuel my body with healthy whole food. Eating healthy doesn’t have to consist of grilled chicken with a side of steamed broccoli. You can eat savory food, sweet muffins, creamy smoothies and childhood favorites with a healthy spin. I’m constantly thinking of healthy ways to make recipes and I get inspired by other peoples’ beautiful photos and recipes.

I hope that I can inspire you the way I have been inspired by others.  I truly believe that eating healthy is a life changer and has so many positive benefits that help your body and mind.

So, here are concoctions and creations from my kitchen to your plate.


Stay Wild,